Tyree Taylor is a three-year starting quarterback for Suwannee. 

LIVE OAK, Fla. — One position doesn’t fit Tyree Taylor or his value to the Suwannee Bulldogs.

Taylor, a three-year starter at quarterback, has made an impact all over the field as a senior.

In addition to quarterback, Taylor can also pile up yards at wide receiver and running back.

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On the flip side, his job as safety on defense is to call out plays for the secondary and has the important task of stopping running plays because there’s only the end zone behind him.

Taylor said he likes playing all those positions.

“It feels great to be an athlete,” he said.

Suwannee offensive coordinator Mike Braun said Taylor is doing what the team is asking him to do and with a good attitude.


Suwannee’s Tyree Taylor uses his athleticism to make plays running the ball, catching it and on defense in addition to starting at quarterback. 

“The goal is always to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers,” Braun said. “Sometimes we want to run him from the quarterback position with that kind of run threat. Sometimes we try to get him the ball in open space.”

While most of Taylor’s experience has come at quarterback for the Bulldogs, he said he may actually be better as a running back.

“Because I can run people over,” he said, adding he’s quite content to make plays out wide as well. “I’m fast and quick and can catch the ball pretty good.”

While used rarely on defense previously, Taylor is making his presence felt there this year for the 4-4 Bulldogs as well.

“We’ve always played him sparingly (on defense) because he’s been our starting quarterback,” defensive coordinator Dan Marsee said. “We’ve kept him out of the defense so he could stay healthy at quarterback.

“He could play linebacker, he’s played that for us before, but at safety we have a big need for him.”

A need that Taylor has been able to fill with Suwannee also utilizing Jaquez Moore at quarterback at times and the emergence of Ty Wehinger as an option there also.

It just adds up to another dilemma for the Bulldogs’ coaches.

“How do we get him a break? How do we utilize him best?” Braun said. “That’s whats good about Taylor.”

Taylor is also good in handling the on-field roles to help the coaching staff.

“Things you don’t see, he’s great at,” Marsee said. “He’s a great leader, secondly, he makes checks in the secondary and does a great job at that. His athleticism has been great back there as well.

“A defensive back’s first responsibility is to stop the pass, but he’s involved in the defense to make plays to stop the run as well. He plays sound coverage, and doesn’t make the big mistakes. In the secondary you can’t make mistakes because there’s no one behind you, only the end zone.”

Taylor said he brings leadership and hard work to the team, and is reflective on his playing strategy.

“I go with the flow and let the game come to myself,” he said.

Braun said Taylor’s outlook on the game will help him if he keeps playing at the next level.

“The best part of Tyree is he’s a good football player and a great teammate. A guy you can build a program with,” Braun said. “He’s got some offers (for college), we’re hoping to get him more.”

Jeff Shourds is a sports writer for the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press.

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