The Belleview High School Rattlers (3-3) were no match for the Suwannee High School Bulldogs (4-1) under the lights at Paul Langford Stadium on homecoming night. The Bulldogs’ offense scored seven touchdowns and the defense held the visiting team to just three points for a final score of 35-3.

First quarter

The Rattlers received the ball to start the first quarter. Beginning at their own 20-yard line, the team was able to make several first downs, including a deep pass which was caught at the Bulldogs’ 46-yard line. The Rattlers were able to get another first down, but the defense soon held them to a fourth and inches at the 23-yard line. After taking over 10 minutes off the clock, their drive ended with a successful field goal attempt to take the lead, 3-0. However, this was their only score of the game.

Suwannee started their drive at the 20-yard line. On second down, Dee Coleman ran the ball to the first down markers. A deep pass completed to Aaron McAllister got the ball to the Rattlers’ 21-yard line as the first quarter came to a close.

Second quarter

McAllister got the ball to the five yard line, just before Coleman took the ball into the end zone for their first touchdown of the game with 10:50 on the clock. The field goal attempt was good, 7-3.

The Rattlers struggled to get their offense going and were forced to punt the ball.

SHS got the ball with great field position after a return to the Rattlers’ 42-yard line. Jai Kinsey ran the ball for a first down to the 19-yard line. A holding penalty against the Rattlers gave the Bulldogs a fresh set of downs and the ball at the seven yard line. Coleman ran the ball to the goal line, but it was Steven Anderson who walked the ball in for a touchdown with 7:26 left to go. The extra point attempt was good, 14-3.

The Rattlers were nearly held to a four-and-out. On the first play, they were held for a loss of yards. Their second play was an incomplete pass. The third pass was nearly intercepted by the home team. When the Rattlers were forced to punt the ball, a player for Suwannee touched the ball on a bounce and a Rattler jumped on it and gave them great field position and another chance to score.

The defense held on and forced the team to make a decision on fourth down. The Rattlers decided to try a field goal attempt, however, the ball didn’t make it through the uprights.

Suwannee got the ball back with 2:31 left to go. Kinsey took the ball and got a first down. Denzel Washington ran the ball coming up just short of midfield for a first down. A pass completed to Daquez Strickland resulted in another first down. On third and three, the Bulldogs attempted a reverse, however they fumbled on the play but somehow recovered the ball.

On fourth down with just seconds left before half time, the Bulldogs punted the ball to Belleview, but they fumbled the ball and it was recovered by the Bulldogs. During the same play, the Suwannee player fumbled the ball and gave it back to the Rattlers.

Third quarter

Suwannee got the ball to start the second half. Washington returned the kick to the 28-yard line. On second down, a pass completed to Strickland gained 17 yards for a first down at the 45-yard line. On third and two, Kinsey ran the ball and got enough yards for another first down. McAllister and Kinsey were both responsible for getting additional first downs prior to Washington putting the ball in the end zone with 4:58 left. The extra point attempt was good, 21-3.

The Rattlers got the ball, but the defense held up and made the Rattlers punt.

Suwannee got the ball at the Rattlers’ 48-yard line. On first down, Coleman ran the ball to the 32-yard line for a first down. A penalty on the Rattlers moved the ball to about the 20-yard line. With 2:48 left on the clock, Cole Lamb found the end zone for six points. The extra point attempt was good, 28-3.

Prior to the fourth quarter, the defense held the Rattlers to a fourth down. The team decided to go for it on fourth, but they fell short of the first down marker and Suwannee took over on downs.

Fourth quarter

McAllister had a 40 plus yard run to start the fourth quarter. A couple of plays later, #23 ran the ball in for a touchdown with 10:47 left in the game. The extra point attempt was good, 35-3.

The Rattlers came out and finally got the ball moving, completing several first downs. A face mask call on the Bulldogs put the ball at the 16 yard line. The Rattlers attempted a field goal with 4:15 left, however, it was no good.

Suwannee was then content to let the clock expire and take their fourth win of the season.

Looking ahead

The Bulldogs will take on the Dunnellon High School Tigers (4-1) Friday night at home at 7:30 p.m.

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