JASPER — Jordan Beck has some history with soccer, but just recently returned to the sport.

She is the lone player to start all 10 games for Hamilton County, the lone Trojan to do that.

“I missed the game and like being with my friends,” she said. “I hope to get better as a player, and there is a lot of room for improvement.”

Beck, a sophomore, played three years of recreational ball starting in the fourth grade. She got to play with Omar Lopez, an offensive standout for the undefeated boys varsity soccer team, and had Horacio Perez, the HCHS boys coach, as her coach.

Hamilton girls coach Concepcion Ledezma said Beck fits in with the young team.

“She already has a strong soccer base, having played youth ball with Horacio,” Ledezma said. “I got a good glimpse of her work ethic coaching her in cross county during the school’s inaugural season earlier this fall. She’s excellent at receiving instructions, and she asks all the right questions when it comes to techniques and game situations concerning her position at right defense.

“Like everyone else, she makes mistakes in games. To her credit she catches herself quickly, and makes the effort to correct it and recover from them in the games.”

Beck, who plays defense on the right side, describes her tasks as “supporting the offense and helping the goalie,” and being “communicative” with teammates.

Ledezma said Beck’s soccer IQ is getting better and hopes she keeps her playing streak for the entire season, and that she is being considered for a team award: The Ironman.

“She’s definitely on a pace to get that, and it’s not an easy thing to accomplish for an entire season,” Ledezma said. “Even as a sophomore, she is very mature, and is already a leader-by-example type of player. That’s why there was no hesitation when I decided to promote her to co-captain along with seniors Ashley Hand and Sage Hosteler.

“She is also starting to become more of a vocal leader, and that’s gong to grow by season’s end into next year. With a team dominated by sophomores and freshman, she fits right into the building for the future.”

Beck tries to be supportive of teammates, which can help the team.

“We’ve learned a lot more this year and grown a lot,” she said. “In previous years we didn’t have direction, we’ve grown as a team.”

Jeff Shourds is a sports writer for the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press.

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