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VALDOSTA — Antonio Scantlebury never realized how rich in culture his hometown island of Bimini was until he started bringing a camera with him.

DALTON, Ga. — Linda Olvera-Jones said she enjoyed spending a week in Washington, D.C., helping to produce a documentary about teens who want to lower the voting age there to 16. But the documentary being featured in a story on Teen Vogue's website earlier this month was "mind-blowing," she said.

Harper and the crew on set with Rafa and Heather, the owners of Havana Cigars, a cigar lounge located in the heart of Auburn Avenue.

VALDOSTA, Ga. — It was the 1983 explosion that reportedly killed 241 U.S. service personnel, and journalist Barbara Redwine recalled the fear she felt as she broadcasted on the Beirut barracks bombing.