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Writers INK members discuss their upcoming Meet and Greet event for local and area writers. Pictured are, from left, Dale Croft, Gwen Watkins, Gail Massey, Betty Ann Curvin, Yvonne Dye, Delores Walker, Jonnie Whittington, Lillian Underwood and Nancy Singletary.

Under the most normal circumstances of our weekly meeting on Wednesday mornings, Writers INK is a hubbub of creativity, but throw in an event promoting books and the meeting shifts into high gear.

Our excitement has steadily increased as we prepare for an area-wide Meet and Greet on Friday, Sept. 13, showcasing the more than 25 local published authors as well as several authors from surrounding counties. The event will be held at the Lafayette County Library in Mayo from 5-6:30 p.m.

The purpose of the Meet and Greet is tri-fold. As writers, we celebrate our love of reading and writing worthwhile books, but we also celebrate you — the pubic — who check out our books at your local library or who purchase them to keep as your own. Thirdly, the event will benefit the Children’s Programs at the library in Mayo through the monetary contributions from the authors and the public who attend. A donation jar will be available at the refreshment table and the contributions are strictly given on a free-will basis.

The writers group, Writers INK had its beginning in 2013 when Jonnie Whittington and I met weekly to discuss the fundamentals of writing a book. Jonnie had already published several books and I was on the brink of publishing my first novel. As more writers expressed an interest in our “writing sessions” we moved to the library and opened it to the public. The group has continued to expand in attendees and in publications the last six years. At the present, Writers INK is involved in around 15 new books either published on in the process of publication. Our writers, ages 10 years old to 80 years old continue to produce good books in every genre from children’s books, fictional stories, family sagas to uplifting devotional journals.

Those who thought they had only one story to tell are discovering numerous books inside them just waiting to be birthed. Writers INK members are right there with each writer helping with editing, formatting, designing covers and uploading the completed book from start to finish. And, we are there for the celebration. Each time a writer hold his or her book in their hands for the first time we feel the accomplishment with them!

What started as a get-together between two friends with a common interest has reached outside our county. We have a writer who lives near Gainesville and one from Perry who attend regularly, and others in the area who come when they have the opportunity to attend.

Writers INK members have been featured on TV Channel 27 in Tallahassee and are credited with the writing success of a growing number of folks who knew they had a good story to tell but just needed someone to guide them through the steps of publication.

We are proud of all the talented folks in our communities and would love to give you the chance to meet them and let them share their books with you. So, mark your calendar to visit with us on Friday the 13th in September at the Lafayette County Library in Mayo, Florida, from 5-6:30 p.m.

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