Dear Editor:

I’ve lived in Florida since 1960, and farming and ranching is a big economic driver in my community. If we didn’t have farmers and dairies, we wouldn’t have fresh vegetables, milk, and butter. It’s very important for the farms and livestock operations here to be successful, so I am glad that President Trump and his EPA are easing the environmental regulations that make farming more difficult.

Environmental regulations can be very expensive for farmers. There are a lot of extra costs in farming operations that people don’t know about. They don’t know the cost of diesel fuel for equipment, or water and fertilizer for plants. They don’t understand how much farmers have to spend before raising their crops.

Any time we have government regulations, it costs somebody something. The previous administration went too far in creating burdensome regulations. Extra regulations for dry reeks on private property or excessive record keeping on livestock emissions don’t help anyone. It’s similar to banning pesticides despite scientific evidence showing they are safe to use. It’s good that we have a new administration in place that looks at things from the people’s point of view.

It’s time we had the government looking out for the people, not their pocketbooks in Washington, D.C. I am glad that is happening now for farmers. I would like to thank President Trump and his administration for helping our community.


Danny Paris


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