Denise Sanger

Denise Sanger

It happened. I was hoping it wouldn't, but it did. The governor closed all fitness facilities in the state of Florida. The gym is my home away from home. What am I supposed to do now?

OK. Take a moment and breathe. After the initial shock and anger — yes, anger — that the gym was forced to closed, I was able to regroup and come up with a plan. Personally? I like going to the gym. My family is there. Not only the amazing people in my classes but employees and many members I have met over the years.

As soon as we are able to reopen the gym, I will be right back there. (By the way, I have a message for you from Country Strong Gym and I believe every gym in our amazing county.  They want you to please stay safe and healthy.)

In the meantime? Becky Skipper and myself are taking our classes online. And we invite you to join us. Free. You do not need to be a member of the gym and can find us here: When you find the group, simply ask to join and we will add you.

We know how important it is to keep exercising especially when we are stressed and things are out of our control. We've designed these online classes to mimic what we do when we are teaching our classes at the gym. You will be able to choose between Tabata, Senior Sweat & Tone, STRONG, Zumba, BURST and Gentle Flow Yoga. Melissa Keen from the Country Strong Mayo gym along with Elaine Crapps, also from our Live Oak gym, both plan to pop in as well. 

Can't join us live? No worries. The videos will be up for you to watch when your schedule allows. Bottom line, exercise not only keeps stress in check, it boosts your immune system as well as your overall feeling of wellness. We want you to keep moving especially as we push through these trying times.

And remember, have faith. We will pull through this and we will see you on the other side. Have an amazing week.

To your health,


Denise Sanger is an over 50 health/lifestyle blogger and speaker. Known for motivation, inspiration & loving the BEACH. Certified fitness instructor, Silver Sneakers Instructor, Zumba, STRONG by Zumba instructor, gentle flow yoga, teaches morning classes at Country Strong Gym. Denise may be reached at, 386-292-6105 or

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