Denise Sanger

Denise Sanger

Grateful? How can anyone be grateful? It’s been a rough couple of days at my house. My husband is part of the food supply chain and has been working long hours, six or seven days every week. He’s exhausted. I’m not working because gyms have been closed so I feel guilty he’s working and I’m not. How will the bills get paid?  

My daughters are not visiting to be safe. I understand but I miss them both and would love to see them.

My old guy, Rocky Dog, had a seizure or a stroke last night as I write this. He’s 16+ years old. Called the only vet open who advised that they were full and couldn’t help us. They could refer me to Gainesville or Jacksonville if I chose.

There’s 18+ cases of COVID-19 in Suwannee County and increasing daily. We’re all on a stay at home order. On his one day off and while I’m keeping Rocky Dog comfortable, my husband shoots to Walmart to pick up necessities for the week.

What is he told by employees as he looks at empty shelf after empty shelf? They tell him that he should be there when they open in the morning while they watch the same people rush in to empty the shelves before others can get there. How can people be so greedy to take and hoard items while others go without? I’ll never understand this mentality.

So to recap? It’s a bit easier to be grateful when things are going well. Not so easy when they’re not.

Today from the moment I opened my eyes, was a day that I didn’t feel like adulting. How nice it would be to let mom or dad handle all the ugly while I head to the beach. You and I know that’s not practical and it’s not going to happen for many reasons. One being beaches are closed and we seem to be living in an alternate universe right now fighting COVID-19.

So what do we do? As the day moved on, I remembered that although I may not have a job, my husband does. That’s something to be grateful for.

One of my friends— both in the gym and out — sent me a check for continuing to teach my classes online. She appreciates what Becky and I are doing. That’s something to be grateful for.

My old guy, Rocky Dog, may not be OK but he’s not in pain. My husband and I have been holding him in our laps most of today. Spending extra time loving on him. That’s something to be grateful for.

Sometimes we simply need to take a step back and pay attention to the amazing things in our life. Let go of the crappy parts and only focus on the good parts.

It dawned on me when someone sent me a message that today was Palm Sunday and we are moving toward Easter. It reminded me I am grateful of so many things including God in my life, I have a roof over my head, food to feed my family and amazing friends I can count on. I hope you find something to be grateful for today too.

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Denise Sanger is an over 50 health/lifestyle blogger and speaker. Known for motivation, inspiration & loving the BEACH. Certified fitness instructor, Silver Sneakers Instructor, Zumba, STRONG by Zumba instructor, gentle flow yoga, teaches morning classes at Country Strong Gym. Denise may be reached at, 386-292-6105 or

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