Denise Sanger

Denise Sanger

Whew! By last Friday, I was physically and emotionally drained. I knew by how my body felt that I desperately needed to take a break and have a rest day. That's not easy for me to write either because I am one that will push and push until I literally drop. 

How many of you are exactly the same way? How many of you end the day Friday actually dreading the weekend because it's as jam packed as your week was? If that sounds like you, do you know when it's time to back off exercise or anything for that matter and rest? 

It's easy when I'm teaching my fitness classes. I listen to my body and tell folks in class the same thing. Sore is OK but pain is never OK. So how do you know when to push and when to back off when you're not in exercise class? The exact same way by listening to your body.

After a particularly busy or stressful week, not only have you earned a rest day or two — your body NEEDS it. But let's be clear. A rest day doesn't necessarily mean sitting on the couch for two days doing nothing — unless that's what you want to do. For me, my feet would start itching to get up and get moving. Remember the goal is to relax not stress yourself out.

Think you don't have time for a rest day? Here's the thing. The harder you go, the more you need to pencil in that rest day. Your body — and your mind — need to recover.  

I know first hand how hard it is to back off but I'm getting better at it. If I need to finish up a project or work on a new exercise class, I focus and get it done. Once it's done, not only is it off my to do list, it's off my mind which is a signal to my body that it's OK to take some down time.

So before you start filling every second of the next weekend or your next day off, add some much needed downtime to the list. Catch up with friends. Take a nap. Go for a walk. Float in the pool. Read a book. Whatever will nourish your soul and put a smile on your face, do it. Have an amazing week.   

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Denise Sanger is an over 50 health/lifestyle blogger. Known for motivation, inspiration & loving the BEACH. Certified fitness instructor, Silver Sneakers Instructor, Zumba, STRONG by Zumba instructor, gentle flow yoga, teaches morning classes at Country Strong Gym. Denise may be reached at, 386-292-6105 or

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