Denise Sanger

Denise Sanger

What a crazy week it’s been! No matter where you live, at this point you have heard something about the coronovirus or COVID-19.

I am not one to let my emotions get the best of me but even I’ve been keeping an eye on things including all the craziness surround this pandemic. Not to the point that I’m obsessed with every news update but staying informed. After all I teach fitness classes so I want to be up to date on the best preventive measures.

The hubby and I made our way to town this weekend simply to be prepared. Picked up a few extra bags of horse feed, dog food and non-perishables. No, we didn’t buy 50 rolls of toilet paper. I’m one that always has a back-up pack on hand anyway. In general, people actually have a minimum of two weeks of groceries in their home at any given time.

For the most part during our ventures, folks were calm. Simply doing what they needed to do which is a good sign. When things get crazy in the world, many of us can get a little stressed and we may be less patient with others. In all of this remember, we are all dealing with the same thing and being kind to each other is the best thing we can do.

If you find yourself a bit anxious right now, the following tips I actually wrote a few years back will help you manage stress:

Easy Ways To Reduce Stress

• Take a bath with essential oils. Baths are beneficial for many reasons but one of the biggest is that you are forced to unplug. Fill up the tub with warm bubbly water and wonderful smelling oils, place a pillow or towel behind your head, close your eyes and simply enjoy a good long soak in the tub.

• Take a walk. Being outdoors and appreciating this beautiful world is an instant stress reliever. I love nothing more than an early morning walk on the country roads surrounding my house listening to the sounds of the world waking up.

• Turn up the music and dance. And the crazier the dance moves, the better you will feel. There is something very freeing about dancing that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Include the kids and make it a family dance off.

• Unplug from social media for the day. Trust me. The world will continue whether you check into Facebook or Instagram.

• Unplug from the news. This is a huge one for me. I find that when I am stressed, watching or listening to the news is guaranteed to ramp my stress up even more. Simply turn it off.Walk your dog or pet your cat. Study after study has shown that pets add so much to our lives and playing with or petting your dog, cat or other pet is a great way to reduce stress.

• Try something new. When you focus on learning something new, you take the focus off yourself and what is going on in your life. What have you always wanted to try? Knitting?Painting? Kayaking? Make it happen.

• Act like a kid and simply play. Go to the park and swing on the swings. Throw a ball or frisbee for your dog. Grab your kids or tag along with a friend who has kids and see how they spend the day. There is something freeing about playing tag or hide n seek with kids that will have you enjoying the moment instead of worrying about tomorrow.

Breathe. And remember to laugh and smile as you live every moment of your life. Have an amazing week.

To your health,


Denise Sanger is an over 50 health/lifestyle blogger and speaker. Known for motivation, inspiration & loving the BEACH. Certified fitness instructor, Silver Sneakers Instructor, Zumba, STRONG by Zumba instructor, gentle flow yoga, teaches morning classes at Country Strong Gym. Denise may be reached at, 386-292-6105 or

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