Dear editor,

I drove past the Mayo City Hall on several occasions during my visit to Mayo this past Memorial Day weekend. I was extremely disappointed and saddened, as to the pitiful condition the American and POW flags were in.

I would much rather not see the flags flown at all, than to see them displayed in such an unacceptable manner. It's not bad enough to have them flown in this condition on a normal day but especially sad to see them flown on the day that's meant to recognize those who sacrificed the lives for the nation.

I am a retired Air Force vet, with 24 years of service. My father is a retired Army combat medic, that seen combat duty in both Korea and Viet Nam. He is a Bronze Star recipient and also received a Purple Heart, after being wounded during a helicopter patient evacuation.

These flags should always and only be displayed, in a manner that gives American citizens pride in this great nation.

PS, I would also be more than happy to donate $100 towards the cost of replacing these weathered flags, if cost is a factor.

Julian Avila


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