Eric Anthony Rodriguez

Eric Anthony Rodriguez

That was the first question on every Seminole fan’s mind this past week. The second question was would this team win at Boston College under the direction of interim head coach Haggins. Thankfully, the answer to the second question was yes. This leaves open the possibility of the Seminoles earning a spot in a bowl game, after not playing in one last year for the first time in 36 years. All that is left for FSU to earn a bowl bid is to win at home next week against Alabama State. Considering the team’s performance this season, the outcome of that game is far from certain.

Florida State struggled at times against Boston College on Saturday. Boston College took the lead early. Then the Seminoles took the lead in the third quarter, before letting BC back in the game in the fourth quarter. The outcome was not clear until the final couple minutes. Florida State committed far too many penalties, and had many passes go through the hands of their receivers. This was the Seminoles’ first road win of the season. One has to wonder if the firing of coach Taggart caused the players to play just a little harder than they otherwise would have.

I almost feel sorry for Willie Taggart, but then I remember that he has around 17 million reasons to feel better. I am sure this is not how he had hoped his second season at his dream job would go. The search for his replacement has begun, and there is no shortage of speculation as to who might replace him. The first big name being thrown around was former University of Oklahoma coach, Bob Stoops. I think he would be an excellent choice to lead the Seminoles. I was fine with the rumors speculating that he had already been offered the job and would be announced before you read this. Those rumors were squashed by both Stoops and the FSU athletic department almost as quickly as they got let loose.

Another intriguing possibility was Deion Sanders. Sure, he doesn’t have much coaching experience, but what young recruit wouldn’t jump at the chance to play for “Prime Time?” If he could put together a team of coaches and maybe just be in charge of defense and recruiting, I think FSU would be foolish not to consider this as an option. Whoever does end up with the job will have to show very quickly that Florida State is making its way back into the top tier of NCAA football programs.

It will be interesting to see if Florida State does win next Saturday and makes its way to a bowl game. Seminole fans are hopeful that a new coach will be named before that bowl game and that that coach will find a way to win and start what will become a long string of bowl appearances.

Eric lives in Suwannee County and is a public school educator. He is an independent contractor. You can reach him at

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