Eric Anthony Rodriguez

Eric Anthony Rodriguez

January is nearly over, and even though some days have been warmer than your typical North Florida winter, we still have a while to go before winter is over. Winter is my least favorite season. We are also enduring two other unpleasant seasons, but thankfully are about to enter an extremely fun season as well.

Next week, music festival season will begin at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. Brainquility is the first of the four major festivals that start in February and end in May. Tickets are still available for Brainquility, which will have non-stop music and fun from Feb. 6th through the 8th. Last year was the festival’s first time being held at the SOS Music Park, and I am glad to see they are back again this year. Headliners Justin Martin, Manic Focus and The Floozies all have a wide following and travel the country playing various music festivals and stand-alone shows. One nice feature of Brainquility is that none of the sets will overlap. If you are diligent and can follow a schedule, it will be possible to not miss one beat from the more than 30 acts playing dance music, rock and funk that will be rocking northern Suwannee County. There will also be yoga classes, art classes, hands-on glass blowing demonstrations, Frisbee Golf games and a scavenger hunt.

In March, the Suwannee Spring Reunion comes back into town with various folk music acts, and, of course, Donna’s herd of buffaloes. The Reunion will be held March 19–22 and should be a picking good time. In April, the second installment of Suwannee Rising takes place. Suwannee Rising will have a mix of funk, soul, and rock acts from April 16th through the 18th. Country music fans have the Suwannee River Jam to look forward to April 29 through May 2. If you don’t like any of the types of music coming to the SOS Music Park in the next few months, I feel sorry for you.

A much less fun season all Americans are enduring is tax season. It is time to gather up all those receipts from the past year and get ready to add them up to place the appropriate numbers on the appropriate lines of the necessary forms. I prefer to let a tax professional handle most of the onerous paperwork for me. This past Saturday, I invited a CPA I know to come out and have some fun. He said he had to work Saturday and nearly every Saturday until the deadline, April 15.

The final season, which has been dominating the headlines lately, is flu season. Have you gotten your flu vaccine yet? Unfortunately it won’t guard against the coronavirus that has killed dozens in China and has a growing number of infections in the United States. As I was finishing up writing this, I overheard a newscaster say there are now five confirmed cases in the U.S. That number is sure to grow larger before you read this.

Winter, flu season, tax season, and music festival season will all be going on simultaneously. I am choosing to focus on the fun and frivolity of music festival season in the hopes that the other three will eventually run their course.

Eric lives in Suwannee County and is a public school educator. He is an independent contractor. You can reach him at

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