The long wait is finally over.

After more than 10 years and more than $4 million, Perimeter Road is a welcomed addition to Suwannee County and the City of Live Oak.

It certainly wasn’t easy.

From the first time the idea of the bypass road was mentioned in a county meeting in early 2007 to its completion last week, there were about as many twists and turns as the curvy, winding road will provide to motorists.

There were years of working through right-of-way acquisition issues that Mayor Sonny Nobles admitted left him wondering if the project would ever come to fruition.

Even to the very end, there were hurdles to clear with the county and city negotiating on whether or not to fix 72nd Trace as part of the project.

But as Nobles said during the ribbon cutting ceremony, Monday was a good day as the road officially opened.

Alvin Jackson, the economic director for Suwannee County, called it an exciting day.

We agree with both.

Monday was a good day for Suwannee County and the City of Live Oak.

The completion of the new road and the payoff from all the work — and money — that went into it is exciting.

We, too, are excited as supporters since the idea first came around more than a decade ago.

It shows what is possible when the community comes together and agencies form a partnership.

Hopefully Perimeter Road shows the path to more good, exciting days to come.

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