Dear editor,

I would like to give a review of the “Raid on the Suwannee” Civil War battle reenactment at Heritage Park Nov. 15 and 16. This, by far, is the most exciting event I’ve seen take place in Suwannee County in many years. It was a recreation of a battle that may have taken place had Union forces broken through the defenses at Olustee.

What a great educational and family event it was! There were Union and Confederate camps, a sutler village with period merchandise, musicians, food vendors and, of course, soldiers decked out in authentic attire and armed with replicas of the weaponry used in the war. Also, Heritage House was open for public tours. For $5 per adult and free for children under eight years old.

I sincerely hope that locals didn’t miss out on the excitement of a Civil War battle.

Jean Eckhoff

Live Oak


Dear editor,

Just was visiting Live Oak this weekend, and was delighted to wander into the Civil War Re-enactment by Heritage Park! The enthusiasm and attention to detail by the participants shone through, and it was fascinating to wander amongst the army camps and Sutlers tents. Add in some excellent Southern cuisine and hospitality, and what isn't to enjoy? Frankly, I was surprised this was only the first year this event has been staged - it seems like it's already hitting its stride. Hope I will have the chance to be in town for the next one of what I hope will be a longstanding annual event. Many thanks to Live Oak and Heritage Park for hosting it.

Brian Udoff,

Los Angeles, Calif.

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