Dear editor,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we at LifeSouth appreciate your efforts to inform those in our community of our recent blood emergency. Our goal at LifeSouth is to keep our hospitals fully stocked with blood components and to always have sufficient components in reserve to resupply when unexpected tragedies cause a spike in usage. 

Occasionally, such as in the recent shortage triggered by the combination of the holiday slow-down, flu epidemic and bad winter weather, we turn to you for help. I want you to know that your help made a huge difference. 

Turning around a shortage always takes time, because the hospitals continue to use blood and in this case, usage took a sharp increase, so even more donors were needed. Many times in the past week we’ve heard from donors at our centers or aboard our bloodmobiles who say they came to donate because they’d heard about it from you. Thanks to your voice in this community, donors began filling our shelves with lifesaving blood products. 

We work hard to avoid these circumstances and only ask for help when the emergency is genuine. We wanted you to know we appreciate your effort in supporting LifeSouth and our community as a whole. Your efforts help save lives. 

Laura Bialeck

Community Development Coordinator


From a reader,

In response to column “Don’t forget the third sector” Business Savvy column printed Jan. 30.

This was a good article about what the author called MBOs (mission-based organizations). As a member of the Wellborn Community Association, it really hit home. It spoke of the struggles that MBOs have with volunteer boards and members: vacancies, lack of time, and loss of focus on the mission of the organization. It detailed the many responsibilities of the board: financial oversight, organizational accountability, planning, recruiting new members, advocating for the organization in public and, of course, accomplishing the mission. On a positive note, when the MBO’s mission is accomplished, the “great spirit of volunteerism” is fulfilled.  Friends are made, loyalty is built, and the MBO can be entrusted with more resources and continue fulfilling its mission. As the Wellborn Community Association begins to plan this summer’s 2015 Blueberry Festival, it is struggling with many, if not all, of the things detailed in the article. Many members who have been active over the last 10 years are not able to do the jobs they used to do. Thankfully, we have quite a few new faces who bring with them many talents and, best of all, enthusiasm. The Association is looking forward to seeing what wonderful things will be accomplished in the future.

The reason for this letter is to bring to the attention of Suwannee Democrat readers that a local MBO, the Wellborn Community Association, needs help to accomplish its mission. In January, Association members volunteered to lead the many committees necessary to put on the annual Blueberry Festival. At this time, the job of Blueberry Festival Parade Chairperson is unfilled. It would be wonderful if someone reading this would like to fill this position. It is said that, “everyone loves a parade.” How would you like to put on a parade? The structure of the position, the route, the staging area, mailing list, entry forms, etc., are all available; or, someone could start from scratch and do their own thing.  

Let’s hope that the Blueberry Festival Parade will survive!

Kathie Snowden





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