Dear editor,

Re: Commentary by Walter Williams, “Liberals Respect Me”, May 27, 2015. 

Professor Williams responds to reactions to his previous column “Odds and Ends”, where he characterizes liberals as identical to Democrats and collectively as “murderers”, “I am pleased that readers have demanded proof from me about my comments. Similar proof is not demanded from liberals who accuse Republicans of warring against women.”

Professor Williams accepts payment to write. I, for one, am voicing a free opinion about his for-profit logic. Economics professor Williams’ “proof” consists of:

A. DOJ reports from 1980-2001 stating blacks accounted for 52.5 percent of homicide offenders. 

  1. Most blacks identify as liberals or Democrats (Note professor Williams’ continuing allusion to liberals being indistinguishable from Democrats).
  2. Therefore, “I think there is no question that liberals and Democratic Party sympathizers commit most of the murders in the U.S.”

A+B does not equal C in this obvious trick of reasoning. “Blacks” in the DOJ report are not necessarily the “Most Blacks” in the registered voter lists of the 2008 and 2012 elections. In fact, “Most Blacks” are below the age of 12, which, since professor Williams is comfortable pairing categories at whim, also is the top age of Most Civilians accounted in war as collateral damage. 

John H. Bell



Dear editor,

I want to apologize to the current and past members of the military for the failure of the city of Jennings to honor those men and women with an American flag at City Hall on Memorial Day. In the years gone by, an employee of the city put American flags on Route 41 inside the city limits. That person has since retired and no one currently employed or elected official in Jennings found the need to remember those that have served and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free.

The city owns the flags and volunteers would have been glad to put the flags out if we had known the city officials had no community spirit of loyalty to those protecting our country form the likes of Hitler, Hussein and others.

I am currently asking all of the people in contact with me to help me make sure this city does not again turn its back on our military members, past and present. I plan, with other volunteers, to line the street with American flags on special dates to show that this city does care and will never forget why we have the freedoms we now enjoy.

I do hope that in the future voters will choose patriotic candidates for our city leaders. 

Lana Wisenbaker


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