Dear editor,

I live in Maine and mail packages to my nieces in Florida. I always mail my Christmas packages early to make sure they get there on time. When I found out my package was NOT delivered I started tracking via USPS. The package went from Maine to Florida, back to Maine, then back to Florida. I visited my local post office, received tracking by email and called customer service. It looked like my package was being sent back to me 😣.

Would the kids get their Christmas presents on time?

Then I got an email saying my package was in Live Oak, Florida.

I took a chance and called the post office in Live Oak and spoke to Kris. He took the time, tracked down my package and forwarded to Orange Park for me. I was sooooooo happy. 😊😊. When I thanked him he said 'Ma'am, I'm just doing my job'.

I am glad he 'did his job', BUT he went the extra step and didn't let the scanner send my package back to me. After more than 3 weeks, my package was delivered.😊😊😊

I didn't get Kris' last name and it got me thinking.

Hmm . . .

"KRIS" made sure my "CHRISTMAS PRESENTS" were delivered and he said he was just "DOING HIS JOB".

Could it be . . . KRIS KRINGLE?!?!?!?!


Debbie Labbe

Augusta, Maine

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