This article is aimed at our new Governor-elect Ron DeSantis.

I would like to ask the governor why he wanted Pam Stewart’s replacement to be Richard Corcoran. I mean this man has no teaching experience, absolutely no experience in education although his wife, as I understand, is involved in charter schools.

For our governor to recommend Corcoran for the top education job in the state of Florida, at about $300,000 per year, must be politics only. For Corcoran is no friend to public education and as a state representative only tried to dismantle public education instead of helping it. That is why there are several lawsuits pending against the Florida state legislature from school districts around the state trying to undo some of the work Corcoran has done for public education when he was a state representative.

Folks, we must stop electing the enemy in politics in the state of Florida to Tallahassee and to Washington. We need politicians of the people, not of their party. Do we want politicians for our children or for the NRA?

My name is GW Croft. 386-364-5461. Call me if you like or do not like this article.

GW Croft

Live Oak

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