District 1 councilman John W. Yulee is trying to claim credit for things that he did not do, as I read the Suwannee Democrat article on Election 2018 entitled, “Has the City of Live Oak shown any improvement in the past 16 years?”

Thanks for pointing out some of the things that are wrong, and it happened on your watch. LDRs, you helped pass the regulations, make it hard for business to move in to Live Oak, very hard to put a mobile home in the city on your property. Red tape, etc., and many more, but let me get to the point.

Let the citizens of District 1 know it was your vote that passed the utility fees that so many of the senior citizens are having problems paying. You need to let the residents know you made a motion to run sewer lines out to Francis Green, past your house because you were tired of paying to have your tank pumped out. But when the residents ask for your hep for putting a line on Anna Ave., you said, ‘I told Mr. Wiggins you are supporting my opponent. Get her to help.’ And I believe she will.

You should have said that you supported closing the baseball and softball fields at John Hale Recreational Center so that they can build houses. Kids on that side of town have to go across town to find somewhere to play.

Mr. Yulee, my question to you is, what have you done in your district? When the east side neighborhoods were flooded and citizens met with you, all the ideas that were brought to the table, you did not respond to any of them. We asked for improvements to be made on Scott St., you did nothing. Only after Mrs. Reed brought it to the attention has the hole been filled.

Mr. Yulee, since you have done so much for PAL and providing security at football and basketball games, keep doing that (you get paid or hours for certification).

If you had done half of the things you are claiming, you would be okay. But the truth is you are being very untruthful and as a tax-paying citizen with property and relatives in the city and in District 1, I find it appalling that an incumbent candidate would use of the accomplishments of others to try and gain re-election.

None of the growth Mr. Yulee is claiming in District 1 came to fruition because of his actions. A lot of what Mr. Yulee is claiming was because of efforts of the past councilman and chairman from District 5, who is no longer with us. I really find that appalling and utterly disgraceful. And at the meet the candidates forum, he claimed the hard work of the county commissioner from District 2 that is having lights put on 129 North, out past Walmart.

I would like to see you take credit for the utility increase that is coming in October. Stand on your own work. But I think the residents of District 1 already know it is time for change. Vote Tina Reed May 8.

Tim Wiggins Sr.

Live Oak

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