It is no secret that Suwannee County has some of the worst roads in Florida. What does the Suwannee County Commission spend our exorbitant property taxes on, because it is definitely NOT roads??    

In the past years, I have contacted three different County Commissioners about 184th Street between CR 137 and the Columbia County Line. I wasted my time, they ALL passed the buck with their unending excuses. 184th Street, (South McAlpin, Road, CR242, whatever the name) is the worst road in Florida. It is the ONLY road that connects to Columbia County to Suwannee County between Pine Mount Road (CR252) and Market Road (CR 240). Yet it remains an unpaved disaster for a road.

I have heard every excuse that exists from three country commissioners about why this particular road remains unpaved.

How about it commissioners? What never ending, worthless projects are you spending our tax money on? Cease your unending lame excuses as to why this road remains unpaved; get it paved.

S.S. McDonald


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