We have got a great fire department, led by Kevin Pittman from the Stephen Foster Park and staffed by employees of the Park and local citizens. Under the leadership of Chief Tracy Rodriquenz we have an efficient and responsive police department. Together they volunteered to create the haunted house at the old Tourism Center here in town. It is this kind of caring and dedication that makes any town great.

With that in mind I want to thank Helen Miller for the thousands of hours she has volunteered to support the kids in the surrounding area through her Hope program that she started and funded through donors.

Helen was recently voted out of her seat by 3 council members under the leadership of our Mayor, Rhett Bullard. The town will miss her leadership and tireless effort to make this town and area a more vibrant place for visitors and in return help our economy. Her ideas did not always pan out. But it’s worth noting to her critics that she at least had ideas and tried to implement them herself, instead of making suggestions for others to do the work. You cannot succeed or fail unless you have ideas and make an effort to make them work.

I, and many others, voted for Helen because she represented a voice that addressed the needs of the business community and the children of this town. She made this town very familiar with Tallahassee and the Florida League of Cities, which she was president.

I am really perplexed by my voice being voted out over my objections. There were other ways to have handled this that would have been much less costly. Rhett will try to give great ideas about why she had to go, but the real reason is his ego was being bruised because she was usually the one in the limelight. For good reason, she did things. Also for a fact, Tonja voted against her simply because she did not like her and this was her opportunity. Willie was the only one that actually voiced a coherent reason for his vote, he made sense but I never considered what he described as an impeachable offense.

I want to thank Rhett:

For his leadership in creating the divisiveness that now permeates this town.

For his inability to come up with a better way to handle the perceived problem.

For spending money on lawyers when we do not have the money to spare.

For the shabby look of this town because of a lack of funds to mow.

For the stupidity in thinking Helen was just going to roll over and accept the verdict.

For not wondering how to pay for Helen’s attorney’s fees when the case is lost on further appeal.

For not anticipating that your actions would add one more reason for our town attorney to quit.

Dennis J. Price

White Springs

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