Dear editor,

A lot of the farmers around here have gone out of business because of expenses incurred through unnecessary regulations. That is why I stand behind President Trump’s efforts to simplify EPA regulations and make it easier for farmers to care for their lands. Many regulations on the books right now are 40 years old, and the last administration added more to them. This did not provide any benefits to farmers and shows why simplifying EPA regulations is needed at this time.

The government needs a common sense approach to the environment. This includes removing unneeded EPA regulations on private water and safe pesticides. These regulations only cost farmers more money. One recent regulation required farmers to record all animal waste emissions on their farms. Given the size of some farms, that simply is not feasible.

Farming and ranching form an integral part of a community’s way of life. It is a tradition that is passed down through the families here. I have friends whose fathers ran their farm, and now they are running it. They plan on handing the farms down to their own children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, many of the current regulations on farming make it difficult for farmers to afford staying in business.

Right now, important EPA improvements are being made by the current administration. We should support this administration for finally looking into environmental over-regulation and for trying to do something to help the farmers here in America.


John Peterson


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