Anyone that knows me knows that I attend every city council meeting when I am at home because I love my city and this is my home and the home of my family.

So my 64 thousand dollar question is this, “When did Mr. Yulee do all of the things?”

What I have seen Mr. Yulee do at meetings is not introduce new and exciting ideas and projects. I have seen him make motions on issues presented to the Council. I have seen him vote against major life-altering issues that are very important to his constituents.

He never followed through when our county commissioner offered multiple times to partner with him to get Scott Street in District 1 paved while the county had the expensive equipment in Live Oak from Jacksonville installing the bypass road that was directly in the path of Scott Street.

He voted to increase your water and sewage cost when we challenged the city council not to vote yes on that bill.

He voted no on funding along with the paving being done on Anna Street to add sewer line installation to that project.

On Martin-Mayhue Street, there is a huge pile of horrific garbage that has been there for a month. Ask Mr. Yulee, who does that pile of garbage from tearing down an old mobile home, belong to?

We had to request over and over to have proper upkeep of the East Side Cemetery.

It is great that large businesses are coming to Live Oak but what about making it easier for local and small to medium businesses to open and thrive in Live Oak?

As it pertains to the city limits, my question is, was that not first brought to the county commissioners by former councilman Keith Mixon? Maybe my recollection is not correct.

I agree we need a less dictatorship style city council, more citizen friendly. I am just not sure the present councilman is the person to bring that to fruition.

I have sat in many meetings. I would like to know exactly what specific LDRs (Land Development Regulations) Mr. Yulee has brought to the council for changes that support social and economic growth. I’ve not heard them.

We all care about historic oak trees and buildings and we definitely want Amtrak to return to our historic railway station, an issue that was also championed by the late Keith Mixon; we care about all the issues discussed in Mr. Yulee’s bio.

But for our city and our community to prosper, we need new ideas. We need to look to the future, we need more city council persons willing to work in partnership with the county. Mr. Yulee has consistently voted against a working meeting with the county to discuss what would be best for residents of the city and county when it comes to life and death issues of the future of our city/county fire and rescue services that would safely cover all of our citizens and community equally.

I am not a politician, I am a community advocate and I have worked with two other community advocates, Norman Crawford and Robintina Reed, to bring much-needed change to the City of Live Oak, and we, as a team, will continue to do so whether Mr. Yulee keeps his promises or just continues to make motions and vote against what is best for you, his bosses in District 1. Reminder, you elect your representatives to work for you for the betterment of your and your family, friends and neighbors’ lives.

Vote today, vote Saturday and vote Tuesday.

“Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender!”

“Voting rights matter. They are a major part of who we are as Americans.”

Anita Ann Williams

Live Oak/Los Angeles

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