Dear Editor:

 My first comment is that our laws and regulations are not written to 'permit' or 'allow' us to do anything. They are written to regulate, prohibit and/or ban. We-the-People will never ask our government for 'permission' to undertake an activity. It is extremely upsetting to have the feeling that our government is trying to establish this mindset in its citizens.

My second comment is to respond to those complaining about fairness in legal commerce. Competition is good. The fact that a business has found a way to provide goods and/or services to the public in a more cost-effective (and perhaps, cheaper final cost to the buyer) way has always been a driving factor. Whether it be a temporary location, mass production, automation or a better 'mouse trap,' the public has benefited.

If and when any of those companies use 'tent sales' in a fraudulent manner, hopefully our legal system would take the appropriate steps in accordance with existing laws. When existing laws are not adequate, our legislature or other government bodies could enact new laws, regulations, etc. to address the issues.

Companies come and go based on many factors. One of the factors NOT needed is the interference of or by government.


Thomas Robley Burnett

Live Oak

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