Dear Editor:

Erosion on the path to the Suwannee Lake Pier last fall made it no longer accessible for those in wheel chairs. It had become the only accessible pier in this area after the pier in Lake City became unsafe and was dismantled, and the pier at Nutrien Phosphate in Hamilton County was flooded. Volunteers who take wheel chair patients from the Lake City VA Hospital fishing no longer had a place to take them. We requested assistance from Suwannee County, the Fish and Wildlife Commission, and the Anderson Columbia Company. Anderson Columbia donated and delivered 80 cubic yards of asphalt millings, and the Suwannee County Road Department graded and compacted the millings, making a wheel chair accessible path to the pier. The project was coordinated by FWC, which owns and operates the pier for use by the public.

Our veterans at the VA Hospital are extremely grateful to Suwannee County, FWC, and Anderson Columbia for quickly completing this project after the need was pointed out. Others who like to fish and use a wheel chair for mobility will also be grateful. The pier was constructed in February 2016 with a plastic material which will not warp or deteriorate. Anyone who has not been to this scenic lake and pier should take the short trip from downtown Live Oak and enjoy it, whether you like to fish or not.

Gene McNeill

Lake City

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