Dear editor,

Sabal Trail has decided we are pushovers. They have come here to do whatever they want and we have no say. They bought several lots, at one tenth the assessed value, in a residential area of O'Brien and are putting in a compression station. 

They have offered me an insulting amount of money for one and a half acres of my backyard to store their earthmoving equipment, I should be grateful for their offer. And on Wednesday, Nov. 11, they spent all day regrading the county road in front of my house. The next rain will turn the nicely mounded dirt road into a giant mud puddle. The county will be forced to come out and pave it for them. How many other county dirt roads have they "worked" on?

If you see "somebody" working on your road, call the roads dept. and make sure. After the road is paved, your taxes go up. 

This is not right. 

This is not about improving our way of life, it is about preserving it. I know my road will be paved eventually, I don't want the county to be forced to pave it for "Them". 

Let your county commissioners know you don't want these bullies doing business in your county. Let your county commissioners know you will stand behind them when they ask Sabal Trail to "Leave Our County Alone!" and just leave.

Susan VanBrunt


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