Dear editor,

I really feel the need to respond to the Nov. 21 Rant & Rave concerning the “secret ballot” for chairman of the BOCC. Nothing could be farther from the truth! If you were not at the meeting you might think there was wrongdoing involved. I attended the Nov. 18 commission meeting. There was no “secret” ballot.

Mr. Randy Harris offered a prepared ballot for consideration, and all commissioners except Mr. Ricky Gamble wanted to use it (4 to 1 which is a majority). The ballots were passed out, immediately cast by each individual, turned over to Commissioner Gamble and the BOCC assistant, and immediately counted. All ballots were signed when turned in. Within two minutes, the winner was announced, thus saving a lot of back and forth comments and time. How is that a “secret” vote? You can know who they voted for; it is in the public records. Also, if you were at the meeting, you know how they voted.  

The problem for the Rant & Rave writer is that the commissioner he wanted to win, did not, so he wants to cry “foul.” What’s the big deal anyway about who is chairman? All five commissioners still vote on all issues. Sometimes the results of an election do not go the way we would wish. We just have to “get over it” and not look for someone or something to blame.  

I have no problem with the Suwannee Democrat readers knowing my views or my name. The writer of the above Rant remains a secret.

Wendell Snowden


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