There is a flyer being mailed from Marc Vann that is funning for State Representative against Chuck Brannan. I hope y’all look at this and see the lies this man has said about Chuck Brannan.

Several years ago I changed from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party because of the lies and fake news that the Democrats stood for. And I can’t believe the deceitful lies perpetrated by Marc Vann. Mr. Vann says he is a devoted man of God. Well, Mr. Vann, God hates liars and you have done nothing but lie about a good man, Chuch Brannan. Chuck has done nothing but serve his country and state all his life. Because you can’t find anything against his character, you have to make it up.

1st FACT: Chuck is not or never been endorsed or supported by a supporter of Obama and Hillary.

2nd FACT: Chuck is very much pro-Trump. He attended Pres. Trump’s inauguration and ball by invitation — he represented the State of Florida Republican party.

3rd FACT: Chuck supports border walls.

4th FACT: Chuck does not support common core. His wife was a very dedicated teacher and principal. Chuck is a great supporter and sponsor of school projects such as FFA and reading to students.

5th FACT: Chuck is the only candidate supported and sponsored by the NRA. He is the only candidate the NRA says they can trust.

6th FACT: Chuck has been endorsed by the Florida Fraternal Order of Police.

7th FACT: Chuck was endorsed by 18-year elected State Attorney Bill Corvine.

Chuck has also been endorsed by Florida Police Benevolent Association, Florida Professional Firefighters, United Sportsmen of Florida, Baker County EMS Professionals.

Mr. Vann what have you done NOTHING. You have to lie your way in with fake facts. Your wife may be employed by Elizabeth Porter but that doesn’t give you any merit.

People of District 10 I hope you wake up to the lies this man, Marc Vann, has presented as facts about a good man. I have personally knowns Chuck his entire life. If Mr. Vann is gonna lie about the facts of the election — what will he do if he makes it into office.

Go to Chuck’s webpage and view the facts and endorsements.

Mary Jeanne Williams

Live Oak

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