The masthead of the Suwannee Democrat constitutes the oxymoron of all oxymorons. No other moniker could be further distant from the publication’s readership. We can recall how the paper’s editorial staff in 2016 departed from its long-standing decision to refrain from endorsing a Presidential candidate, and proclaimed a firm endorsement of Democrat Hillary Clinton. Your selection certainly did not carry much weight with your readers, huh? Republican Donald Trump soundly trounced her at the voting booths by about 78 percent to 22 percent in Suwannee County. And now, we view the 2018 U.S. Senator vote totals which show Democrat Bill Nelson with a measly 25 percent, buried by the 75 percent of our county voters who preferred Republican Rick Scott.

Therefore, again I propose that the paper stage a contest for its readers to select a new masthead for your otherwise excellent newspaper. I believe it would create much interest throughout your reader base, possibly even increasing your readership totals. Anything would be preferred in lieu of your current moniker, such as: Post, Herald, Tribune, Bulletin, Chronicle, Dispatch, Sun-Times, Enquirer, Free-Press, Journal, Sentinel, Courier, Observer, Recorder, etc.

I’m anxiously waiting to cast my vote.

Dick Barkley,

Dowling Park

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