Giving thanks

From a reader,

Giving thanks

As Director of Christian Mission In Action Ministries and Youth Development, and on behalf or our president emeritus Mrs. Audrey Howell and our board members, we wish to thank all of our supporters, Christian hearted friends, sponsors and those that have physically assisted us throughout the year 2014 and into 2015. We thank you and may God abundantly bless you in this new year.

We especially thank our churches that co-sponsored our major events: Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and our Christmas program. A special thanks to Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God, First United Methodist of Live Oak, Christ Central of Live Oak, The Orchard Church, Mary Taylor, pastor Tommie Jefferson, Mahalia Allen, Andretha Herring, The city of Live Oak, Parks and Recreation, Suwannee Democrat, Lisa Allison, Ms. Rhonda Johnson, Cathy Kieser, Charles Blalock Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ford, Mr. Barry Baker, Barbra Gill & Belinda, Mr. Hardy, William (Lynn) Williams and friends, New Mt. Zion Baptist, Mayo First Baptist, Grace Family Fellowship, Queen Chapel, Mrs. Jeanne Deauede, First Federal, Walgreen’s, Winn-Dixie, and our brother and sister churches of First Central. 

We’ve existed and have been productive over 10 years and we are only looking forward in the name of Jesus. As God blesses us, we bless others and invite all persons that are willing and have a heart for others and the less fortunate to join us in making this our best year yet.

Again, I say thank you and I only wish that I could name all those that have caused us to  be successful. I might have missed your name but will never forget your service.                             

Otha L White Sr

Director and Youth Coordinator 

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