Dear Editor,

Dr. Martin L. King had a dream. As a result of his and others’ courage, his dream brought an end to the terrible government sanctioned segregation. I have a dream too. I dream one day there will be a ‘cultural desegregation.’ If my dream were to come true, there would be no white this or that … no black this or that. There would be no ‘black’ church … no ‘white’ churches, just churches. There would be no ‘white’ colleges and ‘black’ colleges, just colleges. There would be no ‘black’ funeral homes and ‘white’ funeral homes, just funeral homes that are competitive in providing service and cost. I dream there will be cultural integration brought together by our similarities and not our differences. I dream educators and spiritual leaders will have the courage to bring about a ‘cultural integration’ — desegregating cultural taboos.

For example, if a man and a woman of different color love one another, there will be no scorn by ‘blacks’ or ‘whites’ if they wish to marry. Seventy-two years ago my ninth grade science teacher, Mr. Reminton, predicted that in 50 years there would be no blacks or whites — just people. We know this is not true today. I am proud to say we now have a beautiful, young woman who was selected to be “Miss America” to represent America and Americans for the next year.

I believe if my dream of ‘cultural integration’ comes true there would be less hate and bigotry based on color.

I dream teachers and spiritual leaders, motivated by God and not greed, will teach and preach ‘cultural integration’ and the merits of education, skills and values rather than the color of one’s skin.

In combat I want someone who loves America, can shoot and fight, to watch my back. I do not care about the color of their skin.

We all are the product of our environment, teachings at home, schools/colleges and church. We all have our biases and prejudices. If we deny this we are not living a life of reality. But, we should not allow this to affect the way we see and treat our fellow American, who does not look like us or have the same skin color.

Since watching an all-black graduation and the crowning of a black “Miss America” last week on television, my letter to the editor has laid on my kitchen table begging for an answer. Also, I read on the internet that some believe the Muslim religion is not compatible with our constitution. Also, the migrant Muslims do not want to assimilate and they believe their law takes precedence over our laws. There are some who want ‘cultural diversity.’ They want a ‘white’ this or that and there are ‘blacks’ who want a ‘black’ this or that. They do not want a ‘cultural integration.’ I certainly do not have an answer. Perhaps some of the Democrat’s readers can share their thoughts on this. (Note: Hate and further division of the races is the last thing I want.”

Some of my role models and heroes are: Walter Williams, Candace Owens, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Derrick Green, Charlie Kirk and others.

The American Legion Harry C. Gray II (my father) Memorial Post 107 is sponsoring a Memorial Day service for the public in the Veteran’s section of the Live Oak Cemetery on Memorial Day, May 27, 2019. There will be a free lunch for all veterans (donation for guests) at Post 107, located at 10726 142nd Street, McAlpin. Go 7 miles south of Live Oak on U.S. 129, turn left on 142nd Street (see flag and sign) and drive east about 3 miles.

We invite the public and all veterans to join the veterans of Post 107 in remembering and honoring those who have served our country. I am not certain of my dream of ‘cultural integration’ but I am certain those Americans who love and fought for America bleed red blood regardless of their skin color.

Harry C. Gray III

SMSgt. AF Retired

Live Oak

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