Dear editor,

I feel it is my civic and moral responsibility to let the people, especially in Suwannee County, know about a museum and perpetual memorial dedicated to the memory of all our military men and women, and their families, who paid the supreme price for our freedom and those who did not return from our wars. This museum and memorial is located at 10726 142nd Street, McAlpin, Florida 32062-224. (Phone number 386-362-5987, e-mail address:, website: 142nd Street is off of U.S. 129 South.

This museum and memorial has been active since 1933, eighty-five years. We have quite a history. Some of the dedicated Suwannee County officers who served are: B.W. Helvenston Jr., Alfred T. Airth, L.M. Crews Jr., William C. Airth, Reginald H. Scott Jr., Charlie Crews, John and Henry Edmisten, Mary C. Lear, Lee I. Peters Jr., Henry V. Smith, Lin Williams, Alonzo Philmore and many others. The present official name of this museum and memorial is: American Legion, Harry C. Gray II Memorial, Post 107.

The American Legion, Harry C. Gray II Memorial, Post 107 has 170 paid veteran members from all branches of the military services. Our Commander is John Chamberlin. The Memorial building located on 142nd Street was built by all Veterans who volunteered and paid for by members and donors … no tax papers money was used to build this museum and memorial.

We are a charitable organization who supports and sponsors our Boy Scouts, team sports, Boys and Girls State, Hooked on Heroes, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day parades and services. We provide “Christmas Cheer” for all of our veterans in nursing homes in Suwannee County. We provide Emergency Shelter for our members in time of need.

We are a social organization too. We have a “Turkey Shoot” every other Saturday that is open to the public. We have dinners, fundraisers, a Sunday brunch, and many other activities for our members. We invite all to come visit and see our “Memorial Garden” and all the artifacts on display.

Harry C. Gray III, Senior Master Sergeant, Air Force retired

Live Oak

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