The Suwannee County School District wants to hear from you.

The district is hosting two more — the first was Tuesday night — listening sessions in the next week to receive public input into its plans for reconfiguring three of the district’s schools starting next school year.

The next public forum is Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m. at Suwannee Elementary School with the third of the listening sessions slated for Tuesday from 6-7:30 p.m. at Suwannee Intermediate School.

Now, parents and community members, is the time to let district administrators know your thoughts, your concerns, your questions about reconfiguring Suwannee Primary, Suwannee Elementary and Suwannee Intermediate.

Too often there is public outcry after a decision is made about the negative aspects or affects of the decision.

In fact, there were some of those complaints aired in June when the Suwannee County School Board approved reconfiguring the three schools.

The decision was made to authorize administrators begin the process of crafting a plan, a plan that includes your input. So now is the time to provide it.

Attend one of the listening sessions. Listen to the reasoning behind reconfiguring the schools. Listen to the ideas and opinions of other parents. Share your own.

Are you curious about what the magnet-type themes are going to be for the schools? Have one particular theme in mind? Let Superintendent Ted Roush and his staff know.

Do you have concerns about how much choice there will be in choosing a school or how students will be placed?

Be part of the discussion and the planning.

Do you love the idea of having a choice on what school your child will attend and what curriculum your child will study? We’re sure district staff would love to know that as well.

Or maybe you just want to know how much this is all going to cost? That’s a fair question and one that should be asked and answered at some point as well.

But ask that now.

Help shape the reconfiguration process.

Become informed and share your opinion, your thoughts and your concerns while they can still have an affect.

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