In a society where it is often considered politically incorrect to talk about matters of faith, the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press are asking their readers to share their faith with the entire community.

We live in a religious community, blessed with so many churches.

A newspaper cannot be a community newspaper without reflecting all aspects of the places we call home, including the places where we worship.

People’s lives are often defined by their faith.

Suwannee County, Hamilton County and Lafayette County are home to so many churches, representing various denominations and religious persuasions.

Whether denominational or nondenominational, whether Protestant or Catholic, every aspect of our lives is shaped by our beliefs, regardless of our chosen faith.

The Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press recognizes the importance of faith and religion and because of that we are encouraging local preachers, ministers, evangelists, pastors, elders and church leaders to share words of faith and inspiration with the community.

We encourage you to submit religious columns to be published in our pages weekly.

We will work to include as many faiths are represented on our pages as possible.

Columns should be 300 - 400 words and deal with subjects of faith and inspiration.

Columnists may include the name of their church or a description of their ministry at the end of each column.

Columnists should observe standard grammar rules, not use all caps for emphasis, not overuse exclamation points and spell check copy prior to submission.

The purpose of the submissions should not be to condemn other faiths, but rather to explain a religious point of view, offer encouragement or simply to share words of inspiration.

Columns will run as space is available and if there are multiple columns from different sources, we may rotate the submissions.

We encourage columnists to submit a head and shoulders photograph to be included each time the column is published.

We hope to hear from preachers, ministers, evangelists, pastors, elders and church leaders from throughout our community.

Writers can submit the columns to the editor at

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