It seemingly is open season on the elected officials in the City of Live Oak.

In recent weeks, people on social media and through the Rants & Raves have taken shot after shot at the city’s government for a number of issues, mainly, though, stemming from the belief that the city doesn’t want economic growth.

The good news is, now is the time for those who believe the city’s leadership is failing to get involved.

The city election is little more than six weeks away. Qualifying is open now, ending Friday.

Don’t believe the current government is doing a good job?

Get qualified, run for office and try to do it better.

Local officials have more influence on lives than the president or government.

Local government offers opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

In the City of Live Oak, that means there are four opportunities right now to exact change for those who feel it is needed: mayor, city clerk, and council seats in Districts 1 and 4.

Currently, there are two candidates for mayor, two candidates for the District 1 seat and four running for the District 4 position. We hope they are all able and willing servants of the people.

The city’s residents will have the next month-plus to learn more about each and to cast their vote for who they think is the best candidate.

Incumbent John Gill currently is currently unopposed as he seeks re-election for city clerk.

The time is now for anyone in the city that is willing to serve in any of those positions.

For those that don’t wish to seek office, we still encourage you to get involved.

We believe that the more involved a public is in its local government, the better.

Go to the city — and county — meetings. Attend the CRA board and school board meetings as well.

Pay attention to the actions taken.

Watch how your business is being handled.

Talk to your councilor or commissioner. Let them know what you think.

There will be two county commission and three school board seats up for election later this year as well.

But there is no time better than now to get involved.

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