Once was the time that Labor Day marked the unofficial last day of summer.

Labor Day was the last day of summer before school started.

Labor Day hinted at the coming football season.

It meant the return of numerous community and cultural events.

The holiday signaled a renewed dedication to work as summer vacations and summer breaks came to an end.

That was then.

Labor Day remains a vacation day for many, including students, but school started a month ago for many area youths.

Football season has already kicked off.

Numerous community events have been held and are underway.

Summer breaks and vacations already seem like ages ago.

Things change, but hopefully not everything.

Labor Day once held the promise that fall would soon arrive.

The date still does.

Labor Day was and remains a turning point when we start looking for the first cool day, the first drop of a leaf, the crystal blue sky, the first brisk evening with just a hint of chill.

No matter that the calendar still claims three more weeks of summer, no matter how much our schedules have changed in the lead up to this day, no matter what the thermometer reports on the back porch, Labor Day may no longer be the unofficial end of summer, but it does herald the unofficial coming of fall.

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