Don’t tell your kids this, but before you know it, we’ll be through with the summer break.

Early August, youngsters will return to the classroom, meaning these remaining carefree days of summer will go faster than many students will think possible.

Though already acquainted to the whims of how quickly time passes, adults watching their children may feel school cannot arrive soon enough.

Still, a handful of weeks stand between now and the classroom.

Hopefully, children and youngsters are enjoying a well-deserved break from school, but we would suggest parents ensure the next few weeks prepare youngsters for a return to classes.

A child can spend a short period of time each day reading a book, doing a few math problems, studying a particular subject.

Children who have regularly exercised their minds this summer will be better prepared for school come August.

Meanwhile, working parents, if you haven’t already, and even if you have,

try carving out some time to spend with your children in these coming weeks.

Even if you can’t afford a trip out of town this year, find something to do with your children this summer.

Toss a ball.

Read them a book.

Watch a movie.

Play a video game.

Make the time. Take the time.

Because if you think the summer’s fast, you’ll be surprised just how fast the small children in your house today will be the young adults moving out on their own tomorrow.

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