We all have so much for which to be thankful.

We are all so blessed.

As we spend time with our families and friends during the holidays, giving thanks for loved ones, health, prosperity and all of life’s blessings, as a newspaper we give thanks for this community.

Bringing us into your homes each day, sharing your stories with us, taking the time to send us letters are many of the ways you bless us as a newspaper.

We love our community.

We consider it an honor and privilege to be able to serve you.

We are humbled by your continued readership and respect you when you offer us feedback, disagree with something we may have written and, most especially, when you send us your opinions to publish on our editorial pages.

We do not expect readers to always agree with the opinions expressed on the editorial pages, and will always protect your rights to share your points of view.

As much as we would like to be every where, all the time and cover every one of your events, we simply cannot be, and that is why we are always excited when you share photos and information with the newspaper so we can share your good news with our readers.

We are thankful for our many advertising partners and highly value our partnership as we work hard to help you market goods and services to our communities.

We are thankful for all the elected and public officials that serve our community.

We respect your service and know that it is often a thankless task.

Of course, you know we may not always agree with every decision and we take our role as a government watchdog seriously, but as we work to hold your accountable we will strive to do it in a fair, evenhanded and respectful way.

It is never our intention to practice “gotcha’” journalism, but instead we work each day to fulfill our mission as the Fourth Estate and help to provide a system of checks and balances that improves governance and supports the public.

We have been serving our communities for almost 150 years and strongly believe in the future of newspapers as we continue to grow and provide news, information and advertising products in print, online and on mobile devices.

Live Oak, Branford, Suwannee County, Jasper, Jennings, White Springs, Hamilton County, Mayo, Day, Lafayette County and North Florida have been very good to us and we are truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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