Voters across the Suwannee Valley can begin voting early Saturday.

The early voting period will run through Nov. 3 for Hamilton and Lafayette counties and Nov. 4 in Suwannee County.

Or voters can wait until Election Day and vote on Nov. 6.

But regardless of when or how they vote, we encourage all registered voters to find their way to the polls if they haven’t filled out an absentee ballot or voted by mail.

Voting matters.

Votes count.

It’s your right to have a say in how your country, state and county are governed. There is no more effective way to voice your approval or disdain than through your vote.

And there are plenty of races and amendments on the ballot.

There is a race for Governor. And a U.S. Senate seat up for grabs.

Also to be voted on are the state’s attorney general, chief financial officer and the Commissioner of Agriculture.

Voters in Suwannee and Hamilton counties are also voting for their state representative.

County commission seats are to be decided in Hamilton and Lafayette counties.

There are also 12 proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot.

So go vote. Let your opinion count.

But also do your research. Study the candidates and the proposed amendments and then cast your ballots.

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