When you open your newspaper next week, you will notice a few changes, possibly even a few new features.

For starters, the paper will be thicker than it has been. It will contain more news, features, columns and information that readers in the Suwannee Valley want, need and will enjoy.

For the readers of the Suwannee Democrat, most of the additions in the Wednesday edition will look familiar. The additions to the midweek paper will just be in a new location.

With the change in print publication schedule, the items that have been staples in the weekend edition will now be viewed in the midweek edition instead.

Eric Musgrove’s “Remembering Suwannee” column will still be available for a trip down memory lane.

George Will’s take on national issues will still be featured on our opinion pages. As will the Rant & Rave, Digital Dialog and Question of the Week.

They will all just be part of the robust mid-week product.

For our Jasper News and Mayo Free Press readers, some of these features will be new.

We hope and believe you will enjoy them.

While Musgrove is the Suwannee County historian, his lessons will surely spark reminders of days gone by for all people across North Florida.

Rant & Rave, Digital Dialog and the Question of the Week are additional ways to share your views with us and your fellow Suwannee Valley residents.

Rant & Rave is just as the name implies.

It’s your chance to rant about a topic or send a rave someone’s way for a job well done. It’s a hotline available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To take part, just call 386-208-8314. Or visit our website at suwanneedemocrat.com or nflaonline.com and scroll to the bottom to the submission forms and select Rant & Rave. Or email them to nf.editorial@gaflnews.com.

All Rant & Rave submissions should be no more than 200 words or less than one minute for phone submissions.

Digital Dialog is where we utilize online discussion on the stories across the area to help spark further discussion among our readers.

And through the Question of the Week, we let readers simply share their opinion on a topic in the form of a vote.

Our hope is you’ll enjoy these features and take advantage of them, becoming a part of the discussion.

You can also feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with Editor Jamie Wachter at 386-362-1734, ext. 131, or jamie.wachter@gaflnews.com.

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