Breast Cancer Awareness Month ran throughout October.

The Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press has shared stories containing information about the deadly disease and stories of women’s struggles with breast cancer in the latest edition of the Suwannee Valley Scene magazine.

Every October, the number of pink ribbons attests to the number of North Florida women who have survived, who are battling breast cancer and those who lost the fight.

Pink ribbons remind us of how many families and businesses have been affected by breast cancer.

October reminds us of just how many women we know and love, those who are co-workers, neighbors, friends and family, who are battling the disease.

Breast cancer pays no heed to socio-economics, race or age.

Breast cancer can strike any woman, at any time.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month should not be viewed as a topic to be considered for a few weeks each year in the fall then ignored the remaining 11 months of each year.

As too many women and families know, as the Democrat, News and Free Press have seen too often with stories about North Florida women, breast cancer strikes women every day throughout the year.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about raising awareness, raising funds, sharing information and needs.

But it’s not just about October.

The month is about reminding us that funds must be raised, precautions must be taken and the battle will continue being fought each and every day until there is a cure.

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