Sometimes the right decision is not an easy one to make.

Especially when the right call will lead to upset and hurt feelings for a section of the community.

But the Suwannee County Board of County Commissioners made the right call last week when it finally decided to do something with the Douglass Center. And the right decision was to tear down the old buildings and provide an opportunity for future developments on the site.

There is no doubt that the Douglass Center is part of Suwannee County history.

But after years of sitting mostly vacant, the old school buildings are in various states of disrepair. Broken windows, busted doors, exposed electrical wires have left the center unsafe in its current state.

The cost to repair the damage and years of neglect would be excessive.

And, according to county officials, those repairs wouldn’t alleviate all the issues at the Douglass Center, mainly design flaws from when the school was constructed more than 60 years ago.

But due to its history and what the Douglass Center has meant to its neighborhood and the thousands of students that attended there, it was not an easy decision to demolish it.

That was evident by the decade of being in the county’s possession without any progress or plan for the property.

Now, though, progress can be made.

The site can again become a vital, utilized home to the community.

Children can again roam the property on the ballfields and basketball courts that are part of the Suwannee Parks and Recreation Department’s vision for the site.

We also hope that vision can be enhanced with the addition of a community center building for the community to meet in. A building that also could serve as a Douglass Center museum, where the history and legacy of the site can continue to be told.

That history is what is important, not the physical buildings.

It is what needs to be saved and celebrated.

And thanks to a hard decision being made, that process can now begin.

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