To the Lafayette High School Graduating Class of 2018:

To the Senior class of 2018, congratulations, your day has finally come! It has been a privilege to be a part of your lives as you have grown into young adults. By now, you have determined what path you will take after graduation. A few of you will join the military and have the great honor of serving your country as many have before you. Others will attend technical college where you will acquire the skills necessary to be marketable and a productive member of society. Some of you will attend a college or university where you will continue on the academic path you have begun in high school.

Whatever the path before you, set your goals high. Set them higher than you think possible and then prove yourself wrong. You may be overwhelmed with excitement or nervous as to what the future may hold. These thoughts and feelings are natural. Be confident, as I am confident, the teachers and staff here have provided you the education necessary to reach the next step in your life. Always remember to be honest, work harder than anyone else around you, and expect more from yourself than anyone else does.

I look forward to hearing of the accomplishments you will achieve. Thank you for being a great senior class and for continuing the traditions of Lafayette High School. I am very proud of each one of you and I look forward to celebrating this special time with you and your family.


Robert Edwards

Superintendent of Schools

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