Dear editor,

Perhaps I am a bit confused. According to an article in The Jasper News on August 17, regarding the forfeiture of Dr. Miller's seat on the Council, something makes no sense. The article states that the Council voted to "declare her seat forfeited.” The article goes on to state that the "remaining four Council Members will act as Judge."

To me, it seems that means the Town Council will be the accuser, judge, jury and executioner.

The cost to the town of White Springs for an attorney is unforgivable. Mediation or Arbitration would have made more sense. This is an embarrassing representation to our town.

Madeline Moore

White Springs

Editor’s note: According to the Town Charter of the Town of White Springs, Section 2.03(a), “the affected Council Member shall have seven (7) days from the receipt of notice to provide the Clerk with a written request for a hearing before the Council for the purpose of providing evidence in opposition to the Council’s intended action. If the evidence presented is insufficient to overcome the identified reasons for forfeiture, the Council may declare the seat forfeited and vacant in which case the decision may be appealed to the circuit court.”

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