On April 29, Brothers United of White Springs held a ribbon-cutting for the new Carver Pavilion constructed for the community by the University of Florida's Design/Build classheaded by Professor Charlie Hailey.  

On hand for the ribbon-cutting event were Mayor Helen Miller, Town Manager Bill Lawrence, and Brothers United members Kenny Hutcherson, Shirley Marshall, Teddy Bear Marshall and Willie Newsome, as well as other members of the Carver community.

In Professor Hailey’s class,the UF students spentthe spring semester designingthe pavilion, making mid-course alterations, and constructing the pavilion in spite of numerous challenges.  These challenges included problems with on-time delivery from the cypress mill, the need to make changes in supplies and construction materials, and the many rainy days that put the class behind schedule. But, the students were persistent and dedicated, and the project was completed before the semester was over.  

These Gators include: Priyanka Agarwal, Yenylyn Araque, Emma Caldwell, Dominic Dijamco, Katie Feller, Adriana Lovera, Jenny Molina, Lina Ortiz-Micolta, Michael Riebesell, Alvaro Santos, Sara Schwartz, and Logan To, with the assistance of PhD student Carla Brisotto.

The UF delegation also included Professor Martha Kohen, Andrew Bawtinhimer, Professors Mark McGlothlin and Lisa Huang; and Melanie Hobson, Aidan Hailey, and Phoebe Hailey.

Several aspects of the Carver Pavilion make it a very special addition to the Old Carver School site.  A community effort led by Mayor Miller led to the development of a list of Carver School teachers. Miller worked with Dorothy Bryant, Sammy Bryant, Arthur Bryant, Bernard Williams, Willie Newsome and Douglas Udell to develop the list of Carver faculty.  

This list of teachers' names was delivered to Professor Hailey. Several UF students acquired expertise in working the equipment to machine plexi-glassname plates which are being inserted into the pavilion structure.  These plexiinserts include the names of the Carver teachers, Brothers United who participated in the planning and project designs with Prof. Hailey during May Day 2014 and a number of follow-up meetings, and donors to the construction project. Donors include Mayor Miller, D.M. Udell I, D.M. Udell II, Dennis Price and Councilman Rhett Bullard.

Shirley Marshall, who came up with the idea for a pavilion that could be used during May Day and throughout the year by community members, described her feelings about the completed project.

“I love it,” she said.

Marshall had the honor of cutting the large red ribbon amid her Brothers United members and the UF delegation. After the ribbon-cutting, all were invited to enjoy a barbecue and grilled cabbage feast prepared by local celebrity Chef Teddy Bear.

The Carver property is being prepared for May Day 2015, and all are invited to admire the design and craftsmanship of the new community asset built by the UF Design/Build class of Spring 2015.

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