White Springs Town Hall.

WHITE SPRINGS — With a new council in place, the White Springs Town Council and town residents discussed a number of opportunities and challenges during a May 7 workshop.

The workshop lasted nearly two hours with the council members and residents all invited to voice their goals and issues.

Among the items discussed were funding for completion of the White Springs Veteran’s Park, a crosswalk on U.S. Highway 41 near playgrounds and recreation fields, maintenance to the John Graham Park, trailhead signs for the many hiking and cycling trails in the area and plans for the old South Hamilton Elementary property.

Tom Moore, a new member of the council, said it would cost around $3,000 to place the names of the town’s veterans at the Veteran’s Park.

Mayor Helen Miller, who had been pushing for a workshop for some time including before taking over as mayor last month, said she’d like to see that initiative put on an action list. Miller added it could be a project that is included in the upcoming year’s budget.

Miller added the crosswalk could be a project that utilizes the funds the town receives from the Local Option Fuel Tax, as well as work on repairing sidewalks which was addressed by residents.

Miller said the LOFT funds will be a priority.

“One of the first things we’ll be looking at is the Local Option Fuel Tax funds and making sure they will have own restricted account,” she said, adding she’d like the town to get legal guidance to make sure there is an understanding of how those funds can be utilized. “Make sure they are used for their intended purpose.”

Other issues of concern included the need for more maintenance and improvements on the south end of town, the lack of timely and adequate response to water and sewer problems — some of which have existed for years — the overall operation and maintenance of the water and sewer plants and facilities, the lack of maintenance of drainage ditches, the need for expansion of water and sewer services for business growth, lack of adherence to planning and zoning regulations, and a desire for fair, equitable and legal enforcement of rules and regulations.

Near the beginning of the workshop, Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie issued a plea for residents and council members alike to be civil and courteous in their discussions, both at the workshop and in future meetings.

“Everybody is going to have disagreements,” McKenzie said. “But to be able to reconcile those to where you can best serve the public is a true example of a good leader and a good team.

“I think we’re a good team and that’s something we can work on.”

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