BRANFORD, Fla. — An attempt to steal drugs led to two teenage passengers being wounded by gunfire Sunday afternoon.

According to the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office, 22-year-old Lee Elliott Wilson, of Wellborn, planned to meet with 19-year-old Drake Dragon Fire Shingledecker, of Fort White, in the 3 Rivers Estates area around 1:45 p.m. Sunday to purchase narcotics.

However, according to one of the teenagers in the car with Wilson, Wilson was planning on “ripping off” Shingledecker by taking the drugs and then fleeing without paying for them, an SCSO release states.

According to the release, Wilson did attempt to flee with the drugs but a physical altercation ensued through the window of Wilson’s vehicle.

During the altercation, a handgun was grabbed and multiple shots were fired into the vehicle Wilson was driving with two teenage passengers, the release states.

Initially, SCSO stated the altercation stemmed from reckless driving with Wilson hitting Shingledecker with his passenger side mirror as Shingledecker stood alongside the road.

However, through further interviews during the SCSO investigation, it was determined that some people were not honest with authorities after the incident.

SCSO said the investigation is ongoing and further criminal charges are pending.

Shingledecker was arrested Sunday on charges of firing a weapon into an occupied vehicle, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (three counts) and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon (three counts).

Wilson was arrested and charged with making a false report (knowingly giving false information to law enforcement) Sunday after allegedly repeatedly lying to officers in claiming he was the only occupant in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

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