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Tommie Jefferson

Greeting citizens of the City Of Live Oak: allow me to introduce myself Tommie L Jefferson, to most “Rev. Jefferson.” It is indeed a great pleasure and an honor to have an opportunity to campaign as a candidate for mayor of the city of Live Oak. The position of mayor has importance and values to a community such as ours. I am willing to maintain the integrity for which the office stands for, and to represent this city among cities in the state of Florida. It is my intent to be the mayor to all the citizens that make up our great wonderful city of Live Oak.

As I reminisce over the years it appears that our quality of life and the level of service has fallen below sub-qualifying standards. The rising increase of high utility bills has made it difficult and hard to enjoy the simplicity of life.

From our seniors to single-parent homes to our citizens that are on fixed incomes, even those who are working two jobs can barely make ends meet without added stress of an extra cost of rising water, gas and sanitation. Most citizens wouldn’t mind it to a certain degree; about the increase, but to see their level of service deteriorate it causes a person to become angry, and fed up with their elected officials.

If we are going to grow as a city then our plans must have a plan of inclusiveness that reflects all of our citizens, because we do live in a diverse county, communities and city. I am currently serving, and have previously served, in positions within this county that require great decision making and has effects on our city, and county as well. I am not afraid to speak up against things that are wrong. My new motto is “a changing face will make a change in the place.”

My intentions for the city of Live Oak are as follows:

  • Assist to help lower utilities cost for our citizens,
  • Combine the county and city fire rescue services,
  • Create a working atmosphere between city and county Economic Development,
  • Assist to help re-evaluate our city Land Development Regulations Building and Zoning,
  • Create good paying jobs by working with elective officials to help them make the right decisions.

Get out and exercise your right to vote on May 8, 2018. Help elect Tommie Jefferson to be your next mayor of Live Oak. I am depending on you, the voters, to make a difference. Thank you in advance. If you desire to work on the campaign stall, contact me at 386-209-8680, or email please.


  • 20 years for the Suwannee County Planning and Zoning Board 
  • 12 years as president
  • 4 years as vice president 
  • 3 times selected to serve on the City Charter Review Committee
  • President of the Suwannee County Ministerial Alliance
  • Substitute teacher for our county schools
  • President of the Congress of Christian Education 
  • 1st Central Missionary Baptist Association
  • Many various civic organizations in the community
  • Pastor of New National Grove MBC Church
  • The father of three awesome adults, and 3 grandkids: Reginald, Carla and Jasmine Jefferson


  • Associate degree in Theology
  • Bachelor’s in Systematic Theology
  • Master’s Degree in Theology
  • Working on a Master’s in Counseling; graduate this June.

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