Trump Indiana Speech (copy)

President Donald Trump, speaking to about 400 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis on Sept. 27, 2017, received more than 98% of the votes in the Republican primary Tuesday statewide.

LIVE OAK, Fla. — President Donald Trump easily won the Republican Presidential Preference Primary elections in the Suwannee River Valley on Tuesday.

On the Democratic side, former Vice President Joseph Biden had little trouble outdistancing chief rival Bernie Sanders in the area.

Trump received 98.38% of the 4,562 votes cast by Republican voters in Suwannee County, or 4,488 votes. Joe Walsh received 34 votes with Bill Weld receiving 30 votes and Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente being chosen on 10 ballots.

That dominance extended into Hamilton and Lafayette counties as well.

In Hamilton County, 919 of 931 Republicans — 98.71% — voted for Trump with Walsh receiving six votes to four for Weld and two for De La Fuente.

Trump was the choice of 98.02% of the 858 ballots cast in the Republican primary in Lafayette County with 841 votes. Walsh and Weld both received six votes with De La Fuente being chosen five times.

Biden, meanwhile, continued his recent momentum in the Democratic primaries. Nearly 1,300 registered Democrat voters (1,291) chose Biden as their top challenger to Trump in Suwannee County, 60.58% of the vote. Sanders received 379 votes or 17.79%.

Biden’s support was even higher in Hamilton County as he received 72.8% percent — 677 — of the 930 ballots cast in the Democrat primary. Sanders received 123 votes, 13.23%.

In Lafayette County, Biden barely topped 50% with 173 votes out of the 337 ballots cast by Democrats. Sanders received 58 votes, 17.21%.

Total, 6,758 voters cast ballots in Suwannee County, a 30.68% turnout. Hamilton County had a 24.19% turnout with 1,881 ballots cast. Voter turnout was 29.64% in Lafayette County with 1,212 ballots cast.

As of 9 p.m., Trump received 93.81% of the Republican votes statewide with 1,147,911 votes. Biden was the choice on 1,036,252 ballots — 61.59% — in the Democrat primary. Sanders received 383,296 votes or 22.78%.

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